[P4-dev] annotation of contants

Mihai Budiu mbudiu at vmware.com
Wed Aug 23 12:58:22 EDT 2017

That won’t be easy, since constant values are inlined by the compiler wherever used, and they participate in constant folding and copy propagation. We would have to add significant metadata to the IR to carry such information around through all compiler passes.

This would be difficult to do even for enum values.


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Hi All,
Is there a way we can retain the names of constants to be included in JSON.

I was looking for some thing like :

@name("CPU_OUT_PORT") const PortId CPU_OUT_PORT = 0xE;

to magically show up in :

"right" : {

                    "Node_ID" : 6750,

                    "Node_Type" : "Constant",

                    "type" : {

                      "Node_ID" : 150


                    "value" : 14,

                    "base" : 16


as annotation like "annotations" : { ... }.



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