[P4-dev] Issues running P4D2_2017 exercises

Yu, James (Nokia - US/Sunnyvale) james.yu at nokia.com
Tue Jun 6 14:44:02 EDT 2017


My VM was copied from USB during P4 Developer Day 2017, so it should be good.
I can't get the reference solution of ipv4_forward to run correctly.  After examining
the logs, the LPM lookup resulted in a miss (used the correct ipv4.dstAddr). The table
for S1 was populated during runtime, according to the messages. However, for all the
switches, there were errors similar to:

No handlers could be found for logger "thrift.transport.TSocket"
Could not connect to thrift client on port 909x (x = 0, 1, 2)

right after all the table_adds.  This looks a bit suspicious and could explain for the
behavior I'm seeing.  I'm always executing "mn -c" and the rest of commands to clear
mininet, but that doesn't make any difference.

I also couldn't run another reference exercise, but didn't pursue it further.  BTW, I'm
running VirtualBox on Windows.  I appreciate any pointers people might have.  Thanks
so much.


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