[P4-dev] p4c compiler output in .p4i

Han Wang hw342 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 8 16:49:51 EDT 2017

Hi Hemant,

p4c is a compiler driver that invokes the other components of the p4 tool chain to process a p4 program. Specifically, for bmv2, the compiler driver invokes preprocessor and p4c-bm2-ss to generate the output json configuration for bmv2.

You can use the -### flag or --test-only flag to find out which commands are invoked by p4c compiler driver.

In this case, the .p4i file is the output of the preprocessor step.


> On Jun 8, 2017, at 1:40 PM, hemant at mnkcg.com wrote:
> The compiler-design slides included with the docs for the p4c compiler do not include some details.  Thus a question:
> When I use p4c to compile P4-16 code in a .p4 file, the compiler outputs a .p4i file.  Looking at this file, it looks like IR (Intermediate Representation) to me – am I correct?   It would be good to describe this output file in the docs.
> Thanks,
> Hemant
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