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Hi Han,


Got it.  I found the tools/driver/p4_src/p4c.bmv2.cfg and see the p4i is part of the preprocessor setup.  Thanks to Mihai for replying too.  About IR, what support does the current p4c compiler have for outputting IR?  Isn’t JSON output pending to be developed?






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Hi Hemant,


p4c is a compiler driver that invokes the other components of the p4 tool chain to process a p4 program. Specifically, for bmv2, the compiler driver invokes preprocessor and p4c-bm2-ss to generate the output json configuration for bmv2.


You can use the -### flag or --test-only flag to find out which commands are invoked by p4c compiler driver.


In this case, the .p4i file is the output of the preprocessor step.




On Jun 8, 2017, at 1:40 PM, hemant at mnkcg.com <mailto:hemant at mnkcg.com>  wrote:


The compiler-design slides included with the docs for the p4c compiler do not include some details.  Thus a question:


When I use p4c to compile P4-16 code in a .p4 file, the compiler outputs a .p4i file.  Looking at this file, it looks like IR (Intermediate Representation) to me – am I correct?   It would be good to describe this output file in the docs.






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