[P4-dev] P4-16, D2. in Open Issues

Thomas Edwards Thomas.Edwards at fox.com
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I was considering recently whether PTP sync message timestamps could be used to change forwarding behavior of other flows.

In a “traditional” SDN model, the PTP sync messages could be sent to the controller to initiate re-configuration of flows on the switch, but the latency would be significant – it might be faster if this communication could stay on the data plane.


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P4-16 has no operations to modify tables from the data-plane, and neither does P4-14.

A specific P4-16 architecture could provide an extern function for this purpose, but the P4 standard architecture draft under development has no such function.

Registers can be used for bi-directional communication between the control-plane and the data-plane; they will probably be part of the standard architecture.


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