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Jeferson Santiago da Silva eng.jefersonsantiago at gmail.com
Sat May 13 20:31:17 EDT 2017

Hey Shahar,

you are right regarding to the primitives.cpp files. However, adding a
primitive in P4 would require a modification in the P4 backend compiler (I
am assuming your new primitive is declared in P4 as an extern function).
A easy way to add hardware specific primitives is using extern types. The
support to extern types was pushed to the p4c compiler this week and it is
a good time to test it out.
I have some extern types examples in my github page. You can check it out.


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> Hi there,
> My partner and me are new to p4 and we are working on p4 project in our
> university.
> We are trying to change the simple_router example, in behavioral-model, to
> add another header for all messages and we are not succeed.
> We saw that we need to add a new primitive to the cpp file of it but in the
> compile we need this file as json file? If yes how we should make this json
> file for peimitives.cpp? And if not what the solution should be?
> Also we are trying to define new header to add it to the messages and when
> we comvert the p4 file - simple_router.p4 to json file with p4c it is
> ignored the header define(it is notice to other changes e.g. ttl reduction
> to 2).
> Hope the questions are not to messy and thanks anyway !!!
> Shahar Schneor
> Yamit Bar-Shatz
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