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Fri Nov 3 19:02:37 EDT 2017

Hello P4 Community,

We are excited to announce *P4 Applications Working Group* (Apps WG in 
short), a new working group focused on novel forwarding plane 
applications enabled by P4. Please visit the P4.org blog post 
on this topic to get more details on the Apps WG and for some 
applications of interest in the community.

We will be having the first meeting of the working group soon. Date and 
time details are below.

Date: Monday, November 13th
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST
Location: TBD (Will be announced shortly but will be a location in the 
Bay Area).

Please mark your calendars for now. We will be sending the details on 
the venue early next week.

The agenda for the first meeting includes:
1. Introductions, Working group logistics
2. Very brief overview of some P4 applications
3. Presentation on current In-band Network Telemetry specification, the 
initial application of focus for the working group.
4. Open discussion to learn about specific INT use-cases that 
participants are interested in, gather comments/concerns and drive 
further work on INT.

We are just getting started so there are a few items that are in 
progress. We will be setting up the GitHub repo soon and announce it to 
the new Apps WG mailing list 
<http://lists.p4.org/mailman/listinfo/p4-apps_lists.p4.org>. Please 
subscribe to this new mailing list to join the conversation and 
contribute. Just a quick reminder that you need to a member of P4.org to 
be able to join this mailing list.

We look forward to seeing you at the first working group meeting!
Mukesh Hira and Jeongkeun Lee.
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