[P4-dev] using queue in programming p4_14

Wallas Fróes wallasync at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 16:27:17 EST 2017

Hello all,

I am with a problem, I need to use the simple_switch queues' and for this I
need to use an intrinsic_metadata, whereupon we will use the factor
"priority". But I don't know if I using the called to intrinsic_metadata in
the "table action" correctly.
Below, follow the code in p4_14 showing how I am using the

header_type intrinsic_metadata_t {
    fields {
        ingress_global_timestamp : 48;
        lf_field_list : 8;
        mcast_grp : 16;
        egress_rid : 16;
        resubmit_flag : 8;
        recirculate_flag : 8;
        priority : 3;
metadata intrinsic_metadata_t intrinsic_metadata;

//Table and Action
action forward(port, priority) {
    modify_field(intrinsic_metadata.priority, priority);
    modify_field(standard_metadata.egress_spec, port);

table send_frame {
    reads {
        ethernet.dstAddr: exact;
    actions {
    size: 256;

Thus, isn't working. I would like know what I am doing wrong? And if
someone know the right way to do..


Wallas Fróes
Master's Degree Studant at UFBA
Information Security in Computer Networks
Computer Engineer
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