[P4-dev] a packet lopping problem in bmv2

Bian Jason imaginezz at outlook.com
Thu Nov 16 23:37:42 EST 2017

Hi everyone,

I ‘m a beginner in p4. I’m trying to test the forwarding efficiency of bmv2.
I use Ubuntu 16 in Vmware , and the host machine is Windows10. I plug two network card in the host machine, and use Vmware’s  bridge mode mapped these to NIC to Ubuntu. And I also use another two machine as a sender and a receiver.
Then, I start bmv2 use command
` sudo simple_switch -i 1 at ens35 -i 2 at ens38 --thrift-port 9090 --nanolog ipc:///tmp/bm-0-log.ipc --device-id 0 p4app/app.json --log-console`
And deliver the flow table to it.
Next, I send a UDP packet from sender to receiver, and the receiver get the packet successfully.
But bmv2 began to constantly send the one data packet I sent just now.
When I checked the log file, I observed a packet sent from port one to port two, and then it was sent back to port two, thus beginning a loop.
I wander know what’s wrong with the bmv2, is it a bug?

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