[P4-dev] header stack in bmv2

Roshan sedar at oasis.uclouvain.be
Mon Nov 27 17:38:57 EST 2017


I am trying to store two state variables per switch in a header stack
and doing the following. Seems it does not work. I am trying this on
bmv2. No compilation errors. Is this the correct way to do what I am
trying to do?

header_type state_var_t{

      fields {

          field_1: 8;
          field_2: 8;

header state_var_t state[64];

parser start {
      extract(state[2]); //for example
      set_metadata(my_meta.field_1, state[2].field_1);
      set_metadata(my_meta.field_2, state[2].field_2);
      return ingress;

Any help would be great.



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