[P4-dev] DIfference between on_miss and default

Vladimir Gurevich vladimir.gurevich at barefootnetworks.com
Wed Oct 4 21:55:53 EDT 2017

Hello Anand,

The keyword "default" used in the context of the apply() statement with the
case clause does not mean "the default" action. Instead it means "any
action, other that those that were explicitly listed".  In that sense it is
very much the "catch all" keyword, similar to "default" as used in C switch

So, the statement in question reads like this:

If the chosen action (after the outer_rmac table has been applied) is
"on_miss", then execute "process_outer_multicast" control. In all other
cases, if ipv4 header is valid, then call process_ipv4_vtep() control
otherwise, if ipv6 header is valid, then call (apply) process_ip6_vtep()

Normally, you would expect the "on_miss" action to be the default action in
the table outer_rmac, but individual entries can have it as well.

I hope this answers the rest of your questions as well. Again, "default"
does not mean "default action".

Happy Hacking,

On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 6:01 PM, Anandakumar <ananth.padfoot at gmail.com>

> Hi Everyone,
> I’m fairly new to P4 and was looking at this snippet in process_tunnel
> and was wondering how the on_miss and default are different?
> Can someone please help me in demystifying the following?
>    1. How the on_miss and default are different?
>    2. Is the on_miss taken only if there’s an on_miss action programmed
>    in the table against a specific key?
>    3. What’s the behavior expected here, if on_miss is programmed as the
>    default_action for the table in the program itself or from the control
>    plane via the PD API?
>    Would it make missed take the path of process_outer_multicast or the
>    default?
>    4. What’s the behavior expected here, if say an example action like
>    another_action is programmed as the default_action for the table?
>    Would it still execute the default block or just the action and
>    nothing in this snippet?
> What’s the suggested way to easily search the whole mailing list archive
> so that I don’t repeat the questions that are already probably answered! :)
> Thank you very much.
>         /* outer RMAC lookup for tunnel termination */
>           apply(outer_rmac) {
>               on_miss {
>                   process_outer_multicast();
>               }
>               default {
>                   if (valid(ipv4)) {
>                       process_ipv4_vtep();
>                   } else {
>                       if (valid(ipv6)) {
>                           process_ipv6_vtep();
>                       }
>                   }
>               }
>           }
> Thank you very much.
> -Anand
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