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*Hello P4 Community!*


Just a friendly reminder that Early Bird Pricing of *$245 *will expire 
in less than 12 hours! You can register here 
take advantage of this special rate.


Our sessions will be taught by P4 experts from organizations such as 
Google, Open Networking Foundation, Princeton, Stanford, and Università 

Svizzera Italiana (USI)! *Also, this time the lab sessions are paired 
with the tutorial sessions so you get to immediately practice what you 
learned, rather than*

*wait for labs later in the day. This is the feedback we have received 
from previous developer days and we have incorporated it :-)*


Our P4 D2 announcement would not be complete without a shout-out to the 
new P4 Runtime! We will have a 45-minute session on the P4 Runtime where

participants will learn to use the silicon-independent, 
protocol-independent control-plane API that is autogenerated from the 
*P4 packet processing pipeline. The session will include a hands-on 
programming exercise, **in which students use P4 to define a custom 
encapsulation protocol for their network, and the P4 Runtime API **to 
implement a remote controller written in Python. The session will also 
**include a demo of P4 Runtime integrated into the ONOS network 
operating system.*


We are looking forward to seeing you on November 10th at Stanford!



Developer Day Agenda <https://p4.org/p4-developer-day-fall-2017/>



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