[P4-dev] latest p4c and behavioral-model test failures

Andy Fingerhut andy.fingerhut at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 21:42:19 EST 2018

behavioral-model does not need to be a sibling directory to p4c in order
for running 'make check' in the p4c/build directory to find it, but being a
sibling is one of the few places that it will be found.

When you run a bmv2 test with 'make check', this Python code in p4c:

when run from the directory '/home/jafinger/p4c/build' on my machine,
checks for the existence of these directories, in this order, looking for
the first one that exists (confirmed via adding debug print statements to
the Python method linked above):

/home/jafinger/p4c/build/behavioral-model   (does not exist on my machine)
/home/jafinger/p4c/behavioral-model   (does not exist on my machine)
/home/jafinger/behavioral-model   (exists on my machine, so it stops

I would guess it would continue looking for /home/behavioral-model and
perhaps also /behavioral-model if it did not find the sibling directory,
but I don't think it will find it in any place except those few places that
it looks.  A sibling directory to p4c is certainly one reasonable place to
install it, in order for p4c's 'make check' to find it.


On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 12:29 PM Nate Foster <jnfoster at cs.cornell.edu>

> I could be wrong, but I don't believe behavioral-model needs to be a
> sibling directory to p4c.
> I'm also confused by the assertion in Hemant's original note that Travis
> is failing. The Travis CI links from both p4c and behavioral-model do not
> show any errors. What was meant by this?
> -N
> On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 8:26 PM <hemant at mnkcg.com> wrote:
>> Please see in line below.
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>> *Subject:* Re: [P4-dev] latest p4c and behavioral-model test failures
>> I am not sure, but I believe that when running 'make check' in p4c/build
>> there are scripts that look for a behavioral-model directory to use for
>> running simple_switch.  I have always installed p4c and behavioral-model
>> directories so they were 'siblings' of each other in the directory tree,
>> and that seems to work.  If you installed behavioral-model on your system
>> in a much different place, perhaps it might not be able to find it?  I am
>> not sure.
>> I cloned a private p4c in /tmp when my other p4c and behavioral-model are
>> in my root dir as peers.  The /tmp/p4c fails bmv2 tests.  So I moved the
>> private p4c to my root dir as a peer and then bmv2 tests passed.  Thus, you
>> are correct about p4c and behavioral-model being peer/sibling directories.
>> If this fact is missing in README.md files, we should add it.
>> Thanks,
>> Hemant
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