[P4-dev] Parallelism and Manual TDGs

David Hancock dhancock at cs.utah.edu
Thu Jan 11 18:21:29 EST 2018


If I have an action with independent primitives, will bmv2 simple switch 
run them in parallel if multiple cores are available?

Also I recall the table dependency graph (TDG) being touted in the 
original P4 paper as able to support construction of the optimally 
efficient pipeline.  I think, though, that TDG generation was turned off 
by default in p4c-bmv2, possibly in response to my request, because at 
least in my case (hundreds of tables) it could not be computed in a 
reasonable amount of time.

Would it be possible to manually specify a TDG?  If so, how could I then 
use that to deploy a more efficient image of my program to bmv2 simple 



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