[P4-dev] Missing json files when compiling several .p4 files

Ruiyang Chen rc5 at illinois.edu
Sun Feb 3 14:59:43 EST 2019

Hi everyone,
I'm new to p4 and faced some problem. I was trying to have 3 different p4
file for 3 different switches in the network, and the Makefile will give me
error that "cannot find json file for target build".(It'll create a json
file for the first p4 file but not for the other 2.) I have looked at the
Makefile and wasn't sure which step is to create the json file in "build"
directory corresponding to the p4 files in the current directory.  Any help
on how to modify the makefile to compile several .p4 codes will be
appreciated! Thanks!

Ruiyang Chen
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