[P4-dev] SAI-P4-BM build fails

hemant at mnkcg.com hemant at mnkcg.com
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I did see that issue, but I thought the default Mellanox repo is using SAI 1.0.   Let me dig into the repo and see where they show which version of SAI is being used. 


Thanks for the quick reply.  




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Mellanox's stance on this repo seems to be described in this issue comment: https://github.com/Mellanox/SAI-P4-BM/issues/5#issuecomment-432140884

If you want to make the code compile with the latest p4.org <http://p4.org>  tools, you could submit a patch through a PR. Since there isn't much activity in the repo, I don't know if anyone will review your PR in a timely fashion.


On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 8:48 AM <hemant at mnkcg.com <mailto:hemant at mnkcg.com> > wrote:

I used ‘git clone –recursive <https://github.com/Mellanox/SAI-P4-BM> to download the software to my machine.


However, the software fails to build.  The gory details of build failure can be seen in a new Issue I have filed:






Since you worked with this software in the past, when you have any spare cycles, could you please download and see if the software builds for you. 






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