[P4-dev] SAI-P4-BM build fails

hemant at mnkcg.com hemant at mnkcg.com
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My belies if that SAI-P4-BM is hardcoded to support only SAI 1.0.  


In its .gitmodule file, I don’t see a URL link to any SAI API repo - the file only fetches the behaviorial-model.  I grepped in all code in the repo for SAI 1.0 vs SAI 1.3 and other string variations (case-sensitive or not) and don’t find any code that says what SAI is supported.   However, this code ingests a P4-14, v1.1 program and generates SAI 1.0 API.  Generation of SAI 1.3 API is not supported.


So why does the repo fail to build?  My specific failure is when I invoke ‘make’ from SAI-P4-BM/p4-switch/, the build fails.  I think, the repo hasn’t bother testing its build in a while. 






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Mellanox's stance on this repo seems to be described in this issue comment: https://github.com/Mellanox/SAI-P4-BM/issues/5#issuecomment-432140884

If you want to make the code compile with the latest p4.org <http://p4.org>  tools, you could submit a patch through a PR. Since there isn't much activity in the repo, I don't know if anyone will review your PR in a timely fashion.


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I used ‘git clone –recursive <https://github.com/Mellanox/SAI-P4-BM> to download the software to my machine.


However, the software fails to build.  The gory details of build failure can be seen in a new Issue I have filed:






Since you worked with this software in the past, when you have any spare cycles, could you please download and see if the software builds for you. 






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