[P4-dev] p4info not generated by p4c

Harsh Gondaliya harshgondaliya_vinodbhai at srmuniv.edu.in
Mon Jun 10 03:43:04 EDT 2019

Just received a prompt reply  on GitHub from Andy:
*The command line options --p4runtime-files basic.p4rt.txt means that you
want to create a text-format P4Info file, with the name basic.p4rt.txt. If
you want a file named basic.p4.p4info.txtinstead, change the command line,
or rename the file after compiling.*

I understood what was the issue. Thanks.

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 12:55 PM Harsh Gondaliya <
harshgondaliya_vinodbhai at srmuniv.edu.in> wrote:

> I am compiling the basic.p4 program from p4lang/tutorials/exercises using
> the command:
> p4 at p4-VirtualBox:~/p4-setup/exercises/basic$ p4c --target bmv2 --arch
> v1model --p4runtime-files basic.p4rt.txt basic.p4
> The .json and .p4rt file are generated but no build directory or the
> p4info file (basic.p4.p4info.txt) is being generated when the compilation
> ends. I tried the same command with p4c-bm2-ss too, but no results.
> What can be done in this case?
> *I had installed p4c using **install-p4dev-p4runtime.sh* *script
> available on *https://github.com/jafingerhut/p4-guide. I have filed an
> issue there.
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