[P4-dev] P4 to Intel DPDK

Sándor Laki lakis at elte.hu
Wed Jun 12 16:17:09 EDT 2019

Hi Hemant and Xiaoban,

The code of this project is available on GitHub: 

Our compiler called T4P4S uses the JSON representation created by the 
official p4c from both P4-14 and P4-16 programs to generate native 
C-code on top of DPDK. The compiler including the HLIR-16 was written in 
Python. Note that this is an experimental compiler for DPDK and has many 
limitations. Though we work on full P4-16 support, some features are 
still missing. External contributions are also welcome.

You can read about T4P4S and its performance here: 

Finally, T4P4S compiler is developed by our team at ELTE and is 
independent of the one presented by Intel at DPDK Summit video.


Sándor Laki, PhD
Assistant professor
Department of Information Systems
ELTE Eötvös Loránd University
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Web: http://lakis.web.elte.hu

2019.06.12. 17:57 keltezéssel, hemant at mnkcg.com írta:
> Xiaoban,
> Thanks. I checked the publications doc at the URL see that this p4c 
> supports DPDK.
> http://p4.elte.hu/publications/p4-ws-2017.pdf
> Hemant
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> Hi Hemant,
> It seems that it has been done by http://p4.elte.hu/
> Best wishes,
> Xiaoban
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> Anyone from Intel, please reply to this question.
> I created a page to help newbies to P4: 
> https://github.com/hesingh/p4-info/blob/master/README.md 
> <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_hesingh_p4-2Dinfo_blob_master_README.md&d=DwMFAg&c=UycKcnKpT5zzKpcCVf29TA&r=NAfqbdZpYio_GjgwEysEgS0WV4l9eSbIbehFm-ZuE3w&m=_FNGNzV7Mg7YB4SZv_hv763_sPT5UZKvpA4q6mtuTZQ&s=dJ7JS_jNdu5sfoLPkeGoVgPRsGB4tb8J6D6d1SPYsr8&e=>
> In the page, I have listed a P4 to DPDK video.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI29_q-SoPU 
> <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.youtube.com_watch-3Fv-3DuI29-5Fq-2DSoPU&d=DwMFAg&c=UycKcnKpT5zzKpcCVf29TA&r=NAfqbdZpYio_GjgwEysEgS0WV4l9eSbIbehFm-ZuE3w&m=_FNGNzV7Mg7YB4SZv_hv763_sPT5UZKvpA4q6mtuTZQ&s=mRG4MxbeP0g0psf1r_bn3KUaVBE3mq0LxVdeez9S88Y&e=>
> Having watched the video, a user in the P4 Slack channel asked if 
> there is code available? The reply was no.
> Does Intel provide P4 to DPDK tools to ODM server vendors using Intel 
> hardware?  Does Intel have any plans to make this code public?
> Thanks,
> Hemant
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