[P4-dev] note for ONOS p4runtime client folks

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Mon Jun 17 18:30:14 EDT 2019

FYI.  This is the PR against p4c that prompted me to send the note below.
Please read the new update Antonin added to the PR - thanks, Antonin!






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P4c supports a boolean table key.  P4c p4runtime API generation also
supports such a key.  However, such a key is not supported by the p4runtime
1.0 specification.  If ONOS doesn't support such a key, would ONOS client
consider adding support for such a table key in p4runtime1.0+?  It's a
useful key type to have.  


We'd also need to change p4lang/PI p4runtime server code if the code doesn't
support such a key.






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