[P4-dev] Travis broken for p4c

hemant at mnkcg.com hemant at mnkcg.com
Mon Feb 3 21:53:04 EST 2020

My suspicion was correct.  Backing out today's commit to behavioral-model
fixes the four p4c tests.


hemant at ubuntu:~/behavioral-model$ git revert b2b8666


In the interest of lot of PRs with p4c blocked today, one could checkin the
revert or we could wait till tomorrow for a fix to the behavioral-model/




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A few PRs for p4c have the same failed four tests included below.  I suspect
it's due to the behavioral-model code changes checked in today for parser
value set.


The following tests FAILED:

     70 - bmv2/testdata/p4_14_samples/parser_value_set1.p4 (Failed)

     77 - bmv2/testdata/p4_14_samples/parser_value_set0.p4 (Failed)

     110 - bmv2/testdata/p4_14_samples/issue946.p4 (Failed)

     193 - bmv2/testdata/p4_14_samples/parser_value_set2.p4 (Failed)



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