[P4-discuss] following up on the P4 evolution roadmap

Changhoon Kim chang at barefootnetworks.com
Fri Feb 5 02:05:20 EST 2016

Hi P4 enthusiasts,

To follow up on the P4 evolution roadmap I sent out earlier in Jan, I'd
like to share an update on our efforts to build new working groups, as well
as to encourage broader participation in the open-source activities.

*[New working groups]*

In addition to the existing Language Design working group, we've decided to
introduce two new working groups.

   - Standard Target WG: Dan Daly (Intel) and Chris Dodd (Barefoot
   Networks) agreed to co-chair this group. We expect to tee off this group's
   activity no later than April.
   - API WG: We're talking to a few folks who're interested in leading this
   group. We expect to tee of this group's activity no later than May.

*[Encouraging broader participation]*

We'd like to achieve the following goals by expanding the working-group

   - More active technical participation from members; in particular, help
   folks in newly-joined member orgs or those based outside the Bay area
   actively engage in regular technical conversations and open-source
   contribution efforts.
   - Focus on real work (i.e., getting more open source contributions and
   driving technical consensus on key topics) and quality; avoid proliferation
   of nominal working groups.
   - No marketing or business conversations at the working-group meetings.

To this end, we suggest the following meeting formats and logistics.

   - Members are advised to nominate their technical representatives for
   each WG. If needed, we'll introduce a reasonable upper limit per member per
   - Note that P4.org is a consortium where participants engage in
      technical conversations, spec work, and open-source code development and
      review work. We'd like to ask members to nominate passionate individuals
      who have sufficient hands-on experiences in this kind of technical work.
   - Each WG will meet regularly -- biweekly or weekly -- via conf calls.
      - The conf-call info will be shared only with the representatives,
      and the representatives will be explicitly asked "not" to
forward the conf
      call info without chairs' approval. WGs will use the regular conf
      calls for technical discussions, collaboration, and decision making.
   - In addition to the regular conf calls, we'll introduce in-person "work
   days" (of a "half work days") roughly -- roughly every other month.
      - The purpose of the work-days are to help WGs share their
      progresses, to promote inter-WG conversations and discussions, and to
      review non-trivial technical decisions. On a work day, we'll have
      single-track meetings to review each WG's progresses. Some of these work
      days will be collocated with P4 workshops.

*[Specific things you might want to do now ...]*

   - If you're P4.org members and would like to engage in the
   language-evolution work, please nominate representatives for the
   Language Design working group. All you need to do is sending email to
   Gordon (cc'ed) and me and share your representatives' info (names, email
   address, and github IDs).
   - If you're already a member of p4-design, you're automatically signed
      up for the Language Design WG.
      - If you're not a P4.org member yet, you'll need to join the
      consortium first (http://p4.org/join-us/).
      - Note we'll additionally and separately recruit representatives for
      the Standard Target WG and the API WG later.
   - To help new representatives get up to speed with the existing Language
   Design group members, we'll hold a "bootstrap meeting".
      - The bootstrap meeting will be held on Feb/22. Once we receive all
      the new representatives, Gordon will share the specific info with them.
   - We will start the language-design WG meeting with conf calls in the
   week of Feb/27.
      - We'll settle on the regular meeting times with the representatives.


Please feel free to contact me or Gordon if you have any questions.

-- Chang
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