[P4-discuss] Plans for p4 developer tooling, like editors?

Vladimir Gurevich vag at barefootnetworks.com
Wed Feb 10 20:18:19 EST 2016

Hello David,

I am not sure about an IDE (at least for now), but most modern (and not so
modern :) ) editors have extensive support for syntax highlighting.

I am attaching simple syntax highlighters for Vi and Emacs. They are,
indeed, quite simple and can be enhanced in numerous ways. Given that P4
syntax is not so big, publicly available and generally resembles many
popular languages,  it shouldn't be that hard to make your favorite editor
to highlight and properly indent P4 programs. That's what the community is
all about!

Also, I found that you can run CSCOPE on a P4 program and get very decent

Having said that, as the language development progresses there will be more
tools available. Personally, I would encourage people to develop plugins
for the existing frameworks, rather than creating totally new IDEs, but
that's my personal feeling.

Happy hacking,

On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 3:18 PM, KARR, DAVID <dk068x at att.com> wrote:

> I happened to notice this "p4" language for networking specifications.
> From a quick survey of the ecosystem, I don't see any information about
> developer support, like IDEs.  Are there any future plans for a
> syntax-directed P4 editor?
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