[P4-discuss] [P4.org Blog Post] Clarifying the differences between P4 and OpenFlow

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Wed May 18 20:41:46 EDT 2016

Dear P4 Enthusiasts,

What is the difference between P4 and OpenFlow? Is P4 just another 
version of OpenFlow? Is it OpenFlow 2.0?  ...

If you have wondered or had similar questions on P4 and OpenFlow, check 
out the latest blog post by our Board Members Nick McKeown and Jen 
Rexford. They answers these questions and clearly explain the purpose of 
P4 and OpenFlow.

Clarifying the differences between P4 and OpenFlow 

Also, just a quick reminder that we are just a few days away from P4 
Developer Day 2016 and P4 Workshop 2016!

Here are the registration links for both events:

P4 Developer Day 2016 on Monday the 23rd of May 2016. 

P4 Workshop 2016 on Tuesday the 24th of May 2016. 


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