[P4-discuss] standard_metadata.egress_spec and egress Control Programm

Thambi Sreedharan thambisree at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 01:58:16 EDT 2016


The behavioral-model/targets/simple_switch (commit
ff0cdf4f2c9abc27ee46d33f5cd6b742aacce28c) is used for testing.
We  set the standard_metadata.egress_spec (for the exit port) in egress
pipeline, but all the pkts goes to Port 0.
If we move the table_action to ingress pipeline then the pkt exit to
correct egress port.

Please let me know how I can set egress_spec in Egress pipe line and it
goes to correct egress port.


The table_action :

action set_egress_port(egressPort) {

    modify_field(standard_metadata.egress_spec, egressPort);


table egMap2Port {

    reads {

        egress_metadata.portMap : exact;


    actions {




        size: EGMAP2PORT_SIZE;

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