[P4-discuss] P4 support on network cards

Gordon Brebner Gordon.Brebner at xilinx.com
Mon Sep 12 12:02:11 EDT 2016

The P4-to-PX mapper is something that's been under continual development in my group in Xilinx Labs.  Currently, we are transitioning it from the old Python-based P4-14 code base to the new C++-based P4-16 code base.  It's not open source, but we have been sharing it with selected research collaborators.

The most recent demo was at SIGCOMM a few weeks ago where, with Stanford, we demonstrated the flow being used to target the open hardware NetFPGA SUME board.


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I am aware of offerings from Netronome, as well as various Xilinx FPGA-based cards from folks like Silicom, in addition to the NetFPGA project.

I was wondering if anyone on the list could point me to a well (open
source) supported hardware target. I'm looking at the Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA VC707 Evaluation Kit but cannot find the P4 to PX mapper code referenced in Mr. Brebners workshop presentation in 2015.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

Many thanks,

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