[P4-discuss] Question regarding semantics of actions in P4-14 (v1.0.3)

Ali Kheradmand a.i.kheradmand at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 14:59:16 EST 2017


In the language specification version 1.0.3, section 9.2.1 it is stated
that “P4 assumes parallel semantics for the application of all the
primitive actions executing as a result of a match in a given table.” It
also mentions that “With parallel semantics, […] actions are started at the
same time”.

I was wondering whether it means that the order of actions are not
important at all or not. If the order is ignored, I what happens if two
primitive actions that are executed as a result of a match have overlapping
effects, for example:
action a  ( ) {
  modify_field(h.a, 1);
  modify_field(h.a, 2);

If the order is important, how exactly it relates to the parallel

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