[P4-discuss] P4Runtime - A stellar contribution to P4.org from P4 API Working Group

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Fri Jul 21 13:00:51 EDT 2017

Dear P4 Community,

We are excited to announce yet another significant contribution, 
P4Runtime, to P4.org from the recently formed P4 API Working Group.

P4Runtime is a protocol-independent API that acts a control-plane 
interface for P4-programmable forwarding planes. For more information of 
technical details, benefits of this approach and links to code and 
presentations, please refer to the blog post on topic by Lorenzo and 
Antonin, P4 API Working Group Co-chairs, at 

P4.org thanks Google and Barefoot Networks for leading this effort and 
making this valuable contribution. We are looking forward to seeing the 
innovation this contribution enables in the field of networking as 
proliferation of P4-programmable forwarding devices continues to grow.


If you’d like to download the compiler and write programs go here -> 
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