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Mon Oct 23 11:02:22 EDT 2017


Please consider below single_switch_mininet.py python file.

I put my own custom topology in the file single_switch_mininet.py, which is
working properly, but I'm wondering why this below code is put, I see no
link of this for any examples in tutorials, can any one please let me know
if I'm missing anything.

    sw_mac = ["00:aa:bb:00:00:%02x" % n for n in xrange(num_hosts)]

    sw_addr = ["10.0.%d.1" % n for n in xrange(num_hosts)]

    for n in xrange(num_hosts):
        h = net.get('h%d' % (n + 1))
        if mode == "l2":
            h.setDefaultRoute("dev %s" % h.defaultIntf().name)
            h.setARP(sw_addr[n], sw_mac[n])
            h.setDefaultRoute("dev %s via %s" % (h.defaultIntf().name,

    for n in xrange(num_hosts):
        h = net.get('h%d' % (n + 1))
        h.describe(sw_addr[n], sw_mac[n])


Thank you,
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