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Hi Daniel,

The close proximity of the two dates is indeed a bit unfortunate.

We decided to go ahead with the P4-EU date for a few reasons. First,
co-locating with an academic conference (ICNP) simplified the local
arrangements and also may help bring new people into the P4 community.
Second, we had an enthusiastic local organizer (Noa) who was willing to
volunteer her time to put on the event. Third, there is no real conflict:
there are direct flights from Stansted to Amsterdam late on the 24th so it
should be feasible to attend both events.

As someone who has organized several conferences, I can tell you that no
date is ever perfect. A diverse group like the P4 community draws people
from many different backgrounds and if we took the intersection of
everyone's conflicts, it would be impossible to schedule any meeting. For
example, during the third week of September, I'll be attending the Grace
Hopper Conference. I'll be skipping ICFP / Strangeloop, which I attend most
years. And I won't be able to make ICNP, P4-EU, or ONS Europe.

Hope that helps...


On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 2:40 PM, Bernier, Daniel <daniel.bernier at bell.ca>

> Was there a reason why P4 Workshop was scheduled in UK while ONS Europe is
> a day later in Netherlands
> Daniel Bernier
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> Subject: [P4-Apps] Announcement: 1st P4 European Workshop on Sept 24, 2018
> Hi Everyone,
> We hope that you are planning to attend the 1st P4 European Workshop in
> Cambridge on September 24, 2018:
> https://p4.org/events/2018-09-24-p4-eu-workshop/
> We are happy to announce that, thanks to the generous support of our
> sponsors, Western Digital and Microsoft, we are able to offer dedicated
> travel grants for P4EU. These grants are intended to partially fund the
> travel costs for early career researchers who would otherwise be unable
> to attend.
> The complete submission guidelines are posted on the ICNP website:
> http://icnp18.cs.ucr.edu/grants.html
> Please be sure to specifically indicate that you are applying for a P4EU
> travel grant.
> Finally, as a reminder, the deadline for demos, posters and talks
> submissions (without proceedings) is quickly approaching: August 10th,
> 2018. https://hotcrp-p4eu2018.cl.cam.ac.uk/p4eu2018noproc/
> See you in Cambridge!
> Noa and Robert
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