[P4-discuss] Question about PI and PD

Aaron A. Glenn aaron at aagico.com
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Hello Douglas,

I'm far from an authority on the subject, but was similarly confused and believe I've come to understand the situation better.

On Fri, May 18, 2018, at 15:34, Douglas Litke wrote:
> I am confused about what is PI and what is PD
> I know PI = Protocol Independent. But what does it do? How is it related 
> to P4Runtime (if it is)?
> I understand PD = Protocol Dependent. I assume this is the code that 
> runs on the switch, and controls the ASIC. Correct?

In the context of P4Runtime specifically, the distinction between architecture/platform dependence or independence is of most interest. P4Runtime is completely oblivious to any underlying protocol (even the RPC between controller & agent, though gRPC & protobuf definitions are exclusively being used, so far).

I've tried to follow things in the P4 world very closely over the past two years, but I missed the part where PI became P4Runtime. The repo name is "still" PI on githubcom/p4lang, despite everything in it being P4Runtime.

> Is there a defined interface between the P4Runtime code that decodes the 
> messages from the Controller, and the code generated by the P4C that 
> controls the ASIC? Or is it all one output?

I believe that is P4Info. I'm only a few weeks into exploring that, so  I'll leave my commentary there :-)

> I have gone through several presentations on P4 and P4Runtime, and have 
> not been able to get a clear picture of the pieces. Maybe I just did not 
> find the correct presentation.

I imagine and hope the evolving v1.0.0 P4Runtime draft will be as enlightening to you as it was me: 


it took a bit of effort to find, and I apologize in advance if it is not meant to be publicly announced or referenced!


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